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To Do List

In another project, I divided the todo list into "blockers" and "laters". Let's try that here.


  • add #line directives
  • implement --feed / partialization (this is my unique selling point)
  • complete command line interface
  • detect left recursion
  • one instance of each type per union
  • dynamically allocate everything
  • UTF-8 support
  • basic documentation


  • void types
  • autoconfiscation, because I really want to make at least one public release with my beautiful pristine makefile
  • parser optimization
  • value inheritance
  • XXX cleanups
  • review
  • more research
  • permissions (since I won't actually distribute the Java parser yet)

Now done:

  • Scoping

    Names in pacc grammars are supposed to scope statically over sequences, but that clearly isn't the case at the moment, otherwise test/pacc/scope1.pacc would compile!

First up would seem to be #line directives. As far as I can see, we include user-supplied in emit.c::emit_expr(), ::guard_post(), and that's all. However, where do we get the information from to go in the #line directive? As far as I can see, we're not storing that anywhere at present, so we'll need to fix up the Result rule to store that somehow (a new node type?)

Last updated: 2015-05-24 19:45:28 UTC


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Release relief

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