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There's a near-OO interface in pacc.tmpl, but it's currently actually hidden from the user with names that start _pacc_. The wrapper function parse() is all right, but we need to offer more control, and perhaps a variety of different wrappers.

The thing about _pacc_parser_new() is that it has the grammar rules embedded in it. So it would have to be YY_new() (where YY is the user-supplied string). That could work. Or, could we truly have a pacc_parser_new() function that returns a generic parser object, a later method call setting the grammar to use with it? Thing is, "a grammar" carries quite a lot of baggage: a pointer to the engine() function, the return type, the number of rules...

So let's spin out the first idea.

p = YY_new(void)
Returns a new pacc parser object for the YY grammar. We don't need the name parameter that the current _pacc_parser_new() has: that's YY. No it's not, it's the filename that the input came from, and YY_error() would very much like to have it still. This function won't actually be able to do all that much, since it doesn't know how long the input is.
void YY_input(p, char *name, char *addr, off_t length)
Sets the text to be parsed.
int YY_parse(p)
Actually performs the parse, returning 1 if it was sucessful.
YY_type YY_result(p)
If the parse was successful, returns the result. Ooh. Do we want to defer the actual evaluation till this point? Hmm... think about that. [1]
If the parse was unsuccessful, report an error.

That looks like it could work out pretty well. Let's give it a go... Yup, seems to be sorted. Now to build a feeder that uses it. Done. Fiddly, as anticipated, but it works! As far as I know this is a world first (apart from my previous proof-of-concept). If anybody's got a rooftop, I'd like to shout from it.

[1]Unfortunately, it's not so easy to move the evaluation code out into a separate function, as it uses the same explicit control infrastructure (goto contin; and such like) as the actual parser. Since I've claimed I'm getting the first release out in the next 10 days, I really don't have time for this at the moment! I've added it to the To Do list, though, as I think it's a great idea.

Last updated: 2015-05-24 19:45:23 UTC


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