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See the download page for the details of the first ever release of pacc.

Today's plan is actually to make some sort of release. Of course it will have some serious holes in it, but at least it will be out the door. I'm just having one last tweak of the Makefiles.

Which is lucky, because I've discovered that I wasn't running the feed tests at all. And the last change I made to -f was entirely bogus (what was I thinking?) so I've reversed that. I've also been puzzling over why arg.c::munge() takes the basename of its input. It doesn't any more, and I also renamed it to repsuf(), for replace suffix since that's now all that it does.

As always, the final packaging tweaks take longer than expected, but it's all done! Err, except that the test harness relies on function exports, which aren't available in dash for example. Fixed.

This release is dedicated to HR.

Last updated: 2015-05-24 19:45:27 UTC


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