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Odds and Ends

I just implemented → 5 to go with → n. I had thought to make the braces optional around any sequence of non-space characters, but the need to pick out identifiers makes that unappealing: essentially we'd have to duplicate CodeAndNames but without any rules that match space. Even if you're using Unicode arrows, it's only one more character to include the braces!

Last updated: 2015-05-24 19:45:26 UTC


Porting and packaging

One thing pacc needs is more users. And, perhaps, one way to get more users is to reduce the friction in getting started with pacc. An obvious lubricant is packaging. Read More...

Release relief

Looking at _pacc_coords(), I noticed that it seemed to have the same realloc() bug that I'd just fixed in _pacc_result(). However, the "list of arrays" trick really wasn't going to work here. Read More...

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