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Fantastic! I was nervous about trying to upload the new texinfo-based documentation to the website, fearing first that I'd have to rebuild the yesod app, and secondly that there would be painful stylesheet clashes.

I can cope with either of those, and no doubt will in the fulness of time, but just at the moment my time budget is tight, and I'd really like to get another release out without engaging on another tedious doc-twiddling exercise. So I was delighted with this.

It's simply an upload of the texinfo output, with one simple change: texinfo likes to add the .html filename suffix to every url, whereas yesod is more sensible. But a swift sed -i 's/\.html//g' *.html sorts that out. It's not perfect (I will tweak the styles eventually), but it's perfectly usable, for almost zero effort. Another point to texinfo.

Last updated: 2016-08-03 21:31:33 UTC


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