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This has got out of hand. I really like the work that I've been doing, and I'm certain that I will incorporate it into pacc. But not this release.

I'd finished every scheduled item on the todo list, except completing the documentation, and had considered the code frozen. It is clear from my experiments that implementing “new rep” (or “rep rules” or “for loops” or whatever they end up being called) will be a significant perturbation of the code. Dearly though I would love to implement and include it soon, the world will be a better place if I release first.

So, I'm back to putting the finishing touches to the documentation. The subtraction example can simply describe how left recursion is very hard to do in pacc at present, with a teaser that a decent solution is in the works. And with some exciting coding in prospect, I should actually be able to muster the discipline to get the release out there.

Last updated: 2015-05-24 19:45:23 UTC


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