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Feeding finale

That was almost too easy. It took just a few minutes to implement $ as new syntax to indicate feeding points (the new node type in the AST is called cafe), then update the cooker, eat a few test cases, and wash up by removing the -r option.

A particularly pleasing moment was when the calculator test worked first time; a nice indication that this is at last the right approach. That example now looks like this:

Sum :: int ← _ a:Additive → a
Additive ← m:Multitive $ Plus $ a:Additive { m + a } / m:Multitive → m
Multitive ← p:Primary $ Times $ m:Multitive { p * m } / p:Primary → p
Primary ← Left $ a:Additive $ Right → a / d:Decimal → d
Decimal ← [0-9]+ _ { atoi(ref_ptr(ref())) }

Left :: void ← "(" _
Right ← ")" _
Plus ← "+" _
Times ← "*" _
_ ← [ \t\n] *

If you want to play with it yourself, please clone the git repo:

git clone git://

A new release is now a step more imminent than it was. Watch this space!

Last updated: 2015-05-24 19:45:30 UTC


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