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Toby Goodwin


pacc would certainly have never existed without the following people.

  • Dan ? β€” I met on a bus when I was commuting to Cambourne (for a hideous, if well-paid, job inna Babylon). He introduced himself by asking β€œIs that a paper about Haskell you are reading?” We shared the bus several times, and had fascinating conversations. It was he who introduced me to the idea of packrat parsers. Could this happen anywhere except Cambridge? (Maybe the other Cambridge, I suppose!) I am truly sorry that I lost contact, and I have completely forgotten your name. Please do get in touch if you ever see this!
  • Bryan Ford
  • Ian Piumarta
  • Byron Rakzitsis and Paul Haahr β€” my development of pacc is essentially a tangent from hacking on es, their extensible shell, as I decided that I couldn't actually express the syntax I wanted in a CFG any more! Who knows, one day I might even get back to es.

Thanks also to these.

  • Richard Smith, my first user.
  • Neil Mitchell, who contributed code to use fopen() if mmap() fails, encouraged me to get pacc onto github, and gave sage advice concerning the build system.


I'll move this to a separate page when it's big enough to be worthwhile!

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Release relief

Looking at _pacc_coords(), I noticed that it seemed to have the same realloc() bug that I'd just fixed in _pacc_result(). However, the "list of arrays" trick really wasn't going to work here. Read More...

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