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No doubt in the fullness of time, all kinds of mailing lists, forums, etc. will spring up in support of pacc.

In the meantime, should you need to contact the author, please email (However, if you are commenting on a page on this website, you'd be better off using the "Contact Us" link that appears towards the bottom of each page.)

Last updated: 2015-05-24 19:45:31 UTC


Porting and packaging

One thing pacc needs is more users. And, perhaps, one way to get more users is to reduce the friction in getting started with pacc. An obvious lubricant is packaging. Read More...

Release relief

Looking at _pacc_coords(), I noticed that it seemed to have the same realloc() bug that I'd just fixed in _pacc_result(). However, the "list of arrays" trick really wasn't going to work here. Read More...

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